Analysis in Neurolgy performed by the CHU of Montpellier
Apolipoprotein (ApoE) genotyping or phenotyping (more information)Genotyping by RFLP/sequencing. Detection of ApoE status (e2/e3/e4). Needs a specific informed consent form for the genotyping.
Neurofilament Light Chain (specific collection card)Ultrasensitive detection of NfL in the context of brain concussion and neurodegeneration
Detection of Amyloid peptides in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) (more information)Detection of Amyloid beta peptides 1-38, 1-40 et 1-42 using electro-chemiluminescence (RUO)
Detection of Amyloid peptides and Tau protein in the blood (more information)Detection of Amyloid beta peptides 1-40 et 1-42 and Total Tau using ultra-sensitive methods (RUO)

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