Partner laboratories

Laboratoires partenaires au sein du CHRU de Montpellier

TripleQlaboLocalized in the IRMB institute, the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Clinical Proteomics (LBPC) is a functional unit of the CHRU de Montpellier. It runs specilized clinical tests under the quality norm ISO15189, and it has a strong R&D activity based on the latest approaches in clinical proteomics for the discovery, validation and use of biomarkers in human pathologies.

Director of LBPC : Sylvain LEHMANN



labo jacquesIn the CHRU de Montpellier, the Hepatitis unit of the laboraotry of virology is specialized in VIH and hepatitis detection for the diagnosis and the followup of patients. The laboraotry has three different sectors to run serological tests, molecular biology and cytometry analyses. It has a recognized expertise in the virological fields.  The hepatitis unit is in charge of the organ transplant and the cell therapy virological testing being 24/24 on duty. It is acredidted (COFRAC) under the quality norm 15189 .

Director of the laboratoiry : Jacques Ducos